Element 114 Music editor

Aka Element 114 Music editor
Version ?
Year 1992
Copyright (c) 1992 Element 114 Software
Credits ? [code]
Group Element 114 Software
Type Editor
Source C64MusicEditor_Source
binary MusicEditor.prg
Image(s) Element 114 Music editor - ? (1)Element 114 Music editor - ? (2)Element 114 Music editor - ? (3)
Keys Pop up menus
RETURN Select required option
<- Return to previous menu
File requestor
F1 Call up directory
<-Retrun to previous menuControl
L Load all
S Save all
P Play all
M Stop mus
K Kill all
R Print
Q Quit

E Edit
L Load tracks
S Save tracks
K Kill tracks

E Edit
L Load blocks
S Save blocks
K Kill blocks
R Real time

E Edit
L Load envs
S Save envs
K Kill envs

Track edit
E Edit
P Play all
N Play next
V Play previous
F3 Pause music
F5 Continue music
F7 Fast forward music
CTRL+1/2/3 Move cursor to track 1/2/3
* Enter block

Block edit
E Edit
G Grab block
U Put block
N Next block
R Previous block
P Play all
X Exit

Block edit (inside blocks)
<- Exit
@ Grab
& Put
SHIFT -/+ Prev/next block

Envelopes edit
E Edit
G Grab
P Put
C Clear
X Exit