EMS Music Editor

Version 7.03
Year 1997
Copyright (c) 1997 Cosine
Credits Odie
Group Cosine
Type Editor
Source Not available
binary ems_v703.d64
Image(s) EMS Music Editor - 7.03 (1)EMS Music Editor - 7.03 (2)
Keys Main Titlepage
1 Main music/Sound Editor
2 Disk Menu Screen
3 Multispeed player and options
4 Final music optimiser/saver
5General music editing/player infoEditor
F1 Start tune
F3 Stop tune
F5 Restart tune
F7 Trace play
F2 Chn1 on/off
F4 Chn2 on/off
F6 Chn3 on/off
F8 Exit to menu
* Edir sequence at cursor
<- Fast forward
SHIFT+S Edit sound
SHIFt+H Help
SHIFT+T Select tune
SHIFT+CLR Delete intere track
SHIFT+I Initialize (kill all data)
SHIFT+1 Swap track 1 and 2 around
SHIFT+2 Swap track 2 and 3 around
SHIFT+3Swap track 1 and 3 around

Disk Menu
L Load
S Save
D Delete
RUN STOP Quit menu

Multispeed player
F1 Start Music
F3 Stop Music
SHIFT+T Select music
SHIFT+S Select speed (1..4)
RUN STOP Quit menu