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Future Composer – V4.1


Future Composer

Aka FC
Version 4.1
Year 1990
Copyright (c) 1990 Dynamix
Credits The Syndicate
Group Dynamix
Type Editor
Source Not available
binary FUTURE COMP.V4.1.prg
Image(s) Future Composer – V4.1 (1) Future Composer – V4.1 (2) Future Composer – V4.1 (3)
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Keys Info screen
F1 Music Editor
F3 Disk Menu
F4 Create Player
F5 Other Options
F6 Important note
F7 Editor Info
F8 Return to this screen from any pointEdit mode
F1 Restart playing the actual tune
F3 Stop playing
F5 Continue playing
F7 Fast play
F8 Back to main menu
CTRL+1 edit track 1
CTRL+2 edit track 2
CTRL+3 edit track 3
CTRL+<- edit sound parameter
SHIFT+1 Play tune 1
SHIFT+2 Play tune 2
SHIFT+3 Play tune 3
C=+1 Switch off track1 and restart actual tune
C=+2 Switch off track2 and restart actual tune
C=+3 Switch off track3 and restart actual tune
* swap track/block editing
@/& take/put block
INS create a space
DEL suck a byte
SHIFT+A Define Start of Track-Block
SHIFT+E Define End of Track-Block
SHIFT+C Copy defined Track-Block
SHIFT+K Kill defined Track-Block
<- sequencerSequencer
X return to edit mode
F1 decrease
F3 increaseDisk Menu
1 Save Complete Sound
2 Load Complete Sound
3 Save Complete Sound+Relocate
4 Save Datas Only
5 Load Datas Only
6 Save Blocks $00-$00
7 Load Blocks to $00
8 Save Track $00
9 Load Track $00
0 Load Sound to $00
+ Save sound $00-$00
$ Directory
C Disc-Command
B Save marked Track-PartOther Options menu
1 Swap Tracks 1-2
2 Swap Tracks 2-3
3 Swap Tracks 3-1
4 Demo Songs
5 New Song
6 Kill Track 1
7 Kill Track 2
8 Kill Track 3
9 Kill Block $00-$00

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