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Acid Track Creator – 3.2


Acid Track Creator

Version 3.2
Year 1998
Copyright (c) 1998 Neoplasia
Credits St0ff [code]
Group Neoplasia
Type Editor
Source Available
binary C64 disk image
Image(s) Acid Track Creator – 3.2 (1)

Acid Track Creator – 3.2 (2)
Related to Acid Track Creator v1.1
Keys Editor
<-exit current activity/to main
RUN STOP switch between track/instr. and exit current activity
F1 start playing current song
F3 stop playing
F5 continue playing after stop
F7 fast forward
SPACE play single frame
SHIFT+ switch to next song
SHIFT- previous song
@ switch between frameconter and rastertime display
/ clear maximum rastertime

F2 fast scroll up
F8 fast scroll down
G get track to buffer
P put track from buffer
X exchange tracks (enter 1, 2 or 3 as destination track)
* put END
^ put LOOP
R put REP xx (repeat sector)
M put MAXV=x (volume in $d418)
+/- put TRP+xx/TRP-xx
SHIFT+CR enter current sector

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