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Maestro 64 – ?


Maestro 64

Aka Maestro 64
Version ?
Year 1987-88
Copyright (c) 1988 Markt & Technik
Credits Frans Dijkstra [code]
Nikolaus Heusler [test & debugging]
Group ?
Type Editor
Source Not Available
binary Maestro.d64
Image(s) Maestro 64 - ? (1) Maestro 64 - ? (2)
Keys 0 End
1 Example
2 Play
3 Editor
4 Special functions
5 Harmony
6 Song variations
7 Save
8 Load
0 Back to main menu
1 Example melodyPlay
SHIFT+ENTER Stop playing & back to menu
SHIFT+E Stop playing, starts editor on the last played note
F1/F2 Switch to another sound-combination
F7/F8 Increase/decrease song tempoEditor
SHIFT+RETURN Back to main menu
SHIFT+S Leave editor & play song (from last cursor position)
£ Enter ‘pause’
F5/F6 Increase/decrease octave
INST/DEL Insert/delete notes
SPACE Delete note on cursor position
CLR Delete whole song
F4 Deletes from cursor to song end
SHIFT+G Jump to to a desired position
SHIFT+V Volume
SHIFT+K Sound number
SHIFT+M Metronome
SHIFT+T Shorten note
CTRL+1 Select beginning of repeating
CTRL+2 Select end point of repeating
CTRL+3 First beginning of selected range
CTRL+4 End of highlighted range
CTRL+5 Second beginning of selected range
CTRL+6 Selected range is played from 1st beginning to end
CTRL+7 Selected range is played from 2st beginning to end
CTRL+9 End mark

Special functions
0 Back to main menu
1 Transpose notes from A to B with C half notes
2 Delete notes from A to B
3 After note A insert B notes
4 Copy notes from A up to B to C
5 Relocate notes A up to B to C

CTRL+8 Set end of a row
SHIFT+D Set note without automatic accord
SHIFT+X Sets a no ‘Septakkord’ allowed on current position
SHIFT+L Delete instructing within the control channel
RETURN Set default value

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