Matt Gray Editor

Aka Matt Gray Editor
Version V1.5
Year 1989
Copyright (c) 1989 Syncro
Credits ? [code]
Group Syncro
Type Editor
Source Not available
binary gray_editor_v1_5.prg
Image(s) Matt Gray Editor - V1.5 (1) Matt Gray Editor - V1.5 (2) Matt Gray Editor - V1.5 (3)
Related with The Ultimate Editor V1.0
Keys F1 play
F7 stop play
L load ($=dir)
S save ($=dir)
Z sounds (instruments)
N new song
+ inc. delay
dec delay
CTRL+S put cursor at beginning of current trackSounds editor
+ next instrument
previous instrument
RETURN return to main editor
^ edit fx table
<- edit arpeggio

arpeggio/fx editor
+ next arpeggio
previous arpeggio
RETURN return to sound editor