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Music Assembler – 1.0


Music Assembler

Aka The Music Assembler
Version 1.0
Year 1989
Copyright (c) 1989 Markt+Technik
Credits Marco Swagerman [code]
Oscar Giesen [code]
Group The Usa-Team
Type Editor
Source Not available
binary music-assembler
Image(s) Music Assembler - ? (1) Music Assembler - ? (2) Music Assembler - ? (3)
Related to Music Assembler 1.1
Music Assembler 1.3
Music Assembler 1.4
Keys RETURN Help
<- Enter/Leave keyboard
STOP Stop/Resume playing
SPACE Enter track editor
CLR Clear preset/arp
F3 Pulse slide on/off
F5 Pulse vibrato on/off
F7 Vibrato on/off
SHIFT+D Enter disk menuTrack editor
STOP Pause
^ Traceplay
CLR Clear track
HOME Go to start
INST Insert step
DEL Delete step
+/- Edit 1/2/3
RETURN Sequence editor
SHIFT+D Disk menu
SHIFT+S Swap tracksSequence editor
CLR Clear sequence
HOME Go to start
F1-8 Set speed
INST Insert step
DEL Delete step
P Set preset
SHIFT+F Filter
S Set Stop
R Set Rest
H Set Hold
<- Play
^ Trace Play
N Notation
RETURN Leave editor
SHIFT+W Write to copy buffer
SHIFT+R Read from copy buffer

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