Parsec Music Editor

Aka Parsec Music Editor
Version v5.1
Year 1991
Copyright (c) 1991 Mnemonic Designs
Credits Markus Schneider [code]
Group Mnemonic Designs
Type Editor
Source Not Available
binary note
parsec info _gp
Image(s) Parsec Music Editor - v5.1 (1) Parsec Music Editor - v5.1 (2)
Keys Main menu
E Edit tracks
A Edit arpeggio/waveform
I Init current tracks
F Fill sequences
L Load music to $2fd0
S Save music
D Load/save sound data
$ Directory
+/- Change current music speed
F1/F3 Change music

Arpeggio editor
X Exit to main menu
S Swap buffer line with player
T Transfer buffer player
@ Disk menu
F1 Start
F5 Continue
F3 Stop
F7 Fast

Editor option
CTRL+1 Track 1
CTRL+2 Track 2
CTRL+3 Track 3
CTRL+<- Sound
+ Kill voice 1
Kill voice 2
& Kill voice 3
^ Swap tracks
RET Enter seq.
$ Cut blocks
% Paste blocks
= Leave seq.
X Exit to menu