Robb Hubbard Music Editor

Aka The Robb Hubbard Music Editor
Version v1.5
Year 1989
Copyright (c) 1989 Breakpoint Hacking Techniques
Credits Greeny & Huddy [code]
Group Breakpoint Hacking Techniques
Type Editor
Source Not available
binary Rob_Hubbard_Editor.D64
Image(s) Robb Hubbard Music Editor - v1.5 (1)
Keys S Save music
L Load music
1 Swap tracks 1-2
2 Swap tracks 2-3
3 Swap tracks 3-1
D Disk directory
P Save music player
N New music
E Enter editor

CTRL+1 Enter track 1
CTRL+2 Enter track 2
CTRL+3 Enter track 3
@ Block number
* Block edit
+ Block copy from
Block copy to
# Block fill $00
H Store mode