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Asterion Sid-Tracker – V1.0


Asterion Sid-Tracker

Aka Ast
Version V1.0
Year 2004
Copyright (c) 2004 Tinnitus
Credits Asterion[code]
Borgon [music]
Trompkins [graphics & music]
Group Tinnitus
Type Tracker
Source Not available
binary C64 disk image
Image(s) Asterion Sid-Tracker - V1.0 (1)

Asterion Sid-Tracker - V1.0 (2)
Related with Asterion Sid-Tracker V1.1
Keys <- Keyboardmode – Trackerline/ Note writing
F1 Play/Stop
F2 Fast Forward
F3 Sound Table
F4 Play(loop) current patterns
F5 Toggle tune parameters
F6 Arpeggio&wave indexes
F7 Help
F8 Directory
RETURN Track & Macrocommand table/enter patterns
: ; Change sound number
, . Octave number for trackerlike mode
INS & DEL Insert or delete rows
+ – Fast scrolling (T&M, in patterns)
SHIFT+I Edit tune info
SHIFT+1-3 Mute channels 1-3
SHIFT+* Transpose the whole pattern halftone up
[email protected] Transpose the whole pattern halftone down
SHIFT+T Take pattern to copybuffer
SHIFT+P Paste pattern from copybuffer
SHIFT+K Kill pattern
SHIFT+L Load tune
SHIFT+S Save tune

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