Aka SoundBooster
Version v1.0
Year 1990
Copyright (c) 1990 Midas
Credits Midas [code]
Group ?
Type Editor
Source Not Available
binary sound08.d64
Image(s) SoundBooster - v1.0 (1) SoundBooster - v1.0 (2) SoundBooster - v1.0 (3)
Keys Main menu1 Goto booster
2 Goto keyboard
3 New song
4 Demo song
5 Kill track 1
6 Kill track 2
7 Kill track 3
8 Instructions
9 Drumset editor
0 Disk operations

Booster editor
F1 Play song
F3 Stop the song
F5 Restart song
F7 Fast play
<- Blockedit
CTRL+1 Edit track 1
CTRL+2 Edit track 2
CTRL+3 Edit track 3
CTRL+S Edit sound

F2 Play this block
SHIF+M Memoriza a block
SHIFT+P Put the block
,/. Change block
D Duration
S Play sound
G Glyde (portamento)
<- Exit

Keyboard editor
F1/F2 Next/Prev. octave
F3/F4 Next/Prev. sound
F8 Main menu

Drumset editor
F1 Play drumbeat
F3 Next drumbeat
F5 Prev. drumbeat
F8 Exit to menu

Disk operations
1 Load a file
2 Save a music
3 Save data only
4 Save drumbeats
5 Save sounds
$ Directory
F8 Main menu