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Rockmonitor IV+ – 4+


Rockmonitor IV+

Aka Rockmonitor IV+
Version 4+
Year 1987
Copyright (C)1987 Beastie Boys
Credits Oscar Giesen (OPM)/Dutch Usa Team [code]
The Syndicate [hack]
Group Beastie Boys
Type Tracker
Source not available
binary ROCKMON4.D64
Image(s) Rockmonitor IV+ - 4+ (1) Rockmonitor IV+ - 4+ (2) Rockmonitor IV+ - 4+ (3) Rockmonitor IV+ - 4+ (4)
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Mastercomposer 1.0
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Voicemonitor 1+
Keys BB option
1 for Drum kit 1
2 for Drum kit 2
3 for Drum kit 3
4 for Drum kit 4
5 for Rockmonitor 4 Kit
6 for Your Drum Kit

Sample Menu
1 Digital
2 Rockmonitor 3
3 Game Over
4 no Name
5 ruelps
6 non stop
7 Gong 1
8 Gong 2
9 Drums 1
A Ultimax
B Drums 2
C Drums 3
D boing peng…
E welcome
F I Ball
F1 your Digi
F3 no Digi

ENTER entry/exit notes definitions
Q up quantize
SHIFt+Q down quantize
O up octave
SFIFT+O down octave
R increase record track number
SHIFT+R decrease record track number
SHIFT+L load song
SHIFT+S save song
@ delete note
Z enter instrument definition
INS insert step
DEL delete step
F1 current step
F3 first step
F5 last step
F7 play/stop sound
T select type of file
K up transpose
SHIFT+K down transpose
SHIFT+= copy block
X give instructions

instrument definiton
F1 next instrument
F3 previous instrument
ENTER return to main menu

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