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Sid Duzz It – v1.3


Sid Duzz It

Aka Sid Duzz It
Version v1.3
Year 1991-2001
Copyright (c) 1991-2001 Shape
Credits Geir Tjelta [code]
Gienn Rune Gallefoss [code]
Group Shape
Type Tracker
Source Not available
binary SID Duzz’It V1.3 [Shape].d64
Image(s) Sid Duzz It - v1.3 (1) Sid Duzz It - v1.3 (2)
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Sid Duzz It v1.5
Sid Duzz It v1.6
Sid Duzz It v1.8
Sid Duzz It v2.0 beta 7
Keys SHIFT+L load song
SHIFT+S save song
Run-Stop sequencer/sound editor
<- fast forward
F1 play from mark
F2 set mark
F3 stop/continue play
F4 edit/record/follow mode
F6 track row on/off
F7 octave up
F8 octave down
SHIFT+RunStop exit to basic
CBM+S dump music
CBM +/- select tune
SHIFT+8 Drive 8
SHIFT+9 Drive 9

ClrHome top/mid/bottom of sequence
SHIFT+ClrHome to start of tune
RETURN play from current line
SHIFT+RETURN play from current line
SPACE delete downwards
SHIFT+SPACE delete upwards
SHIFT+A increase cursor add
CBM+A decrease cursor add
SHIFT+D Double sequence length
SHIFT+F Fill from cursor and down
SHIFT+K Kill sequence/make it unused
M start mark
SHIFT+M end mark
CMB+M copy marked are to cursor position
SHIFT+X double from current position
CBM+X divide from current position
SHIFT+Z split from current position
CBM+ 1234 tracks on/off
CBM+ RTYU set mark
CBM+ 5678 go to mark
:/[ inc/dec transpose
;*] inc/dec sequence
= jump to current sound/arpeggio
,/. jump 10 lines up/down
(/) inc/dec note from cursor position
<- fast play
/(*2) sequence/sound(*2=sound edit on)
? 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 speed

Track mode
F5 tracker/sequencer
RETURN set jump pointer (JXXXX)
SHIFT+RETURN set stop pointer (SXXXX)
INSDEL delete track line
SHIFT+INSDEL insert track line
M set track mark
SHIFT+M end track mark
CBM+M copy marked track lines
(/) inc/dec transpose/sequences from current cursor position

Sound Editor
N Name sound
RETURN Current program line setup
, Jump 4 lines up
. Jump 4 lines down
CLRHOME To current sound prg.line
SHIFT+CLRHOME To start of prg.table
SHIFT+A Arpeggio table
SHIFT+F Filter table
SHIFT+P Pulse table
SHIFT+S Sound setup table
SHIFT+T Tempo table
SHIFT+W Tempo table

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