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Sid Duzz It – v2.0 Beta 7


Sid Duzz It

Aka Sid Duzz It
Version v2.0 Beta 7
Year 2006
Copyright (c) 2006 Shape
Credits Geir Tjelta [code]
Gienn Rune Gallefoss [code]
Group Shape
Type Tracker
Source sdi.tar
binary sdi.tar
Image(s) Sid Duzz It - v2.0 Beta 7 (1) Sid Duzz It - v2.0 Beta 7 (2)
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Sid Duzz It v1.5
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Sid Duzz It v1.8
Keys Overall keyboard-commands
<- Fast forward
F1 Play from mark
F2 Set play mark
F3 Stop/Continue play
F4 Edit/Synth/Record mode
F6 Tracker data on/off
F7/F8 Select note octave
= Play current line
Z Play from current line
RUN/STOP Sequencer/Sound edit
SH+RUN/STOP Enter basic
SH+L Load music
SH+S Save music
CBM+S Dump music
CBM+[+] Next tune
CBM+[-] Previous tuneSequencer keyboard commands
F5 Tracker/Sequencer
INST/DEL Delete a line
SH+INST/DEL Insert a line
CLR/HOME Cycle sequence start/middle/end
SH+CLR/HOME Go to start of tune
RUN/STOP Go to sound editor
SPACE Delete down
SH+SPACE Delete up
SH+A Increase cursor jump
CBM+A Decrease cursor jump
SH+D Double sequence length
SH+F Clear sequence (From cursor position)
SH+K Kill sequence/Unused/Make a sequence ready for use
M Set start mark
SH+M Set end mark
CBM+M Copy marked area to cursor position
SH+C Copy sequence to buffer
SH+V Copy buffer to sequence
SH+X Sequence line numbers / 2 (From cursor position)
CBM+X Sequence line numbers * 2 (From cursor position)
CBM+1234 Tracks on/off
CBM+RTYU Set channel mark
CBM+5678 Go to channel mark
:/[ Set track transpose
;/] Set sequence number
,/. Jump down/up 16 lines
>/< Increase/Decrease note values (From cursor position)
/ Press / twice for sound/sequencer split screen
? Set speed calls (1-16) – Music must be off to use this.
CBM+* Set speed channels
S/L Move left/right between channels

Tracker keyboard commands
/ Tracker/Sound editor split screen
F5 To sequencer
> Increase transpose values or sequence values.
< Increase transpose values or sequence values.
INST/DEL Delete a track line
SH+INST/DEL Insert a track line
RETURN Set loop mark for current channel
SH+RETURN Set stop mark for current channel
SH+123 Swap tracks (all tunes)
M Set start mark
SH+M Set end mark
CBM+M Copy marked area
S/L Move left/right between tracks

Sound/instrument editor keyboard commands
N Name sound (Instrument)
+/- Select sound
SH+A Arpeggio program table
SH+D Digi setup
SH+F Filter program table
SH+I Initial volume and Filter/Filter speed table.
SH+N NMI frequence table
SH+P Pulse program table
SH+S Sound setup table
SH+T Tempo program table
SH+V Vibrato program table
SH+W Waveform program table
M Mark sound
SH+M Copy sound
RETURN Put current program line into sound setup
SH+RETURN Delete program from sound setup
,/. Jump 4 lines up/down
CLR/HOME Go to current sound’s program line
SH+CLR/HOME Go to start of program line table
INST/DEL Delete a program line (not for sound setup table)
SH+INST/DEL Insert a program line (not for sound setup table)

Load menue commands
SPACE Read a new directory into memory
SH+SPACE DOS command
* Display files A-Z
SH+* Display files Z-A
A-Z Set display path
CTRL+1-0 Select disk drive 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,8,9..
CRSR Select music
RETURN Load music
,/. Jump 8 files up/down
CLR/HOME Top of directory
SH+CLR/HOME Bottom of directory

Save/dump commands
RunStop Exit
Return Save/Dump music
InstDel Delete text

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