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SID Factory – 0.05d


SID Factory

Aka SID Factory
Version 0.05d
Year 2006
Copyright (c) 2006 Maniacs of Noise
Credits Laxity (Thomas Egeskov Petersen) [code]
Group Maniacs of Noise
Type Tracker
Source Not Available
Image(s) SID Factory - 0.05d (1) SID Factory - 0.05d (2) SID Factory - 0.05d (3)
For Player 5.00d, 5.01d, 5.02d, 6.00d, 6.02d, 6.03d
Keys Main menu
F1 Enter editor
F3 Disk menu
F5 Packer menu
F7 Options menu

Packer Menu
F1 Pack tune
F8 Main menu

Disk menu
F1 Read dir
F3 Save to file
F5 Disk status
F8 Main menu

SHIFT+X Exit to menu
/ On/off dinamic tables
DEL Delete before
C=+DEL Delete
F1 Play from current starting point
F2 Play from the top
F3 Stop playing
F4 Live play
F7 Octave up
F8 Octave down
C=+A Mute/unmute track 1
C=+S Mute/unmute track 2
C=+D Mute/unmute track 3
RETURN Set focus to track
Z Set focus to dinamic edit group
X Set focus to static edit group

Editing sequence
RETURN Switches focus
Q2W3E R5T6Y7U I9O0P [email protected]* notes
* Set tie note
SHIFT+/ Copy sequence $xx to current
SHIFT+. Copy sequence $xx to $yy
SHIFT+RETURN Insert $xx blank ticks in sequence
SHIFT+S Split sequence at current cursor position
SHIFT+F Find and insert first non listed sequence
+ Set “play from” marker
C=+Z Begin sequence pointer mark
C=+X End sequence pointer mark
C=+C Copy marked sequences pointers to location of the cursor
C=+V Clear sequence pointer marks

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