Aka Digi Organizer
Version v2
Year 19??
Copyright (c) 19?? Onslought
Credits Pawel Soltysinski (Polonus) [original code]
Dwayne James Bakewell (Morbid) [improve]
Group Onslought
Type Other
Source Not Available
binary D. ORGANIZER_[O].prg
Image(s) Digi-Organizer - v2 (1) Digi-Organizer - v2 (2) Digi-Organizer - v2 (3)
Related to Digi-Organizer v1
Keys Editor
CRTL+1 Track edit
CTRL+2 Sound edit
S Sample
M Second menu
SHIFT+RETURN get in/quit pattern
F1 Play
F3 Stop
F5 Cont
DEL Delete last sample
L Load next sample into memory
$ Disk directory
RUN-STOP back to editor

Second menu
L Load digi-player module
M Load a standard music ($0800-$7000)
D On/Off irq-player (music by Sid)
& Clear whole digi-datas (tracks, patterns, sounds…)
$ Disk directory
S Save digi-player & its datas
RUN-STOP Return to editor