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Magic-Drums – ?



Aka Magic-Drums
Version ?
Year 1988
Copyright (c) 1988 Turbosoft
Credits ? [code]
Group ?
Type Other
Source Not available
binary MAGIC_DRUMS.D64
Image(s) Magic-Drums - ? (1)
Keys F1 Playmode on/off
F3 Enter tact (playmode is on)
F5 Enter rhythm (playmode is on)
F7 Load/save, abort with
<- Screen on/off
A-P Play instruments, at ‘d-drum’ keys
+/- Speed +/-
SHIFT+CLEAR Clear tacts, rhytm

Entry mode
CRSR U/D/L/R Move around
A-P Insert instruments (at ‘d-drum’ keys
= Enter space
<- Screen on/off
RETURN Leave entry mode

Entry mode: rhythm
0-9 Enter tact 0-9
* Jump to first step
SPACE End rhythm
<- Screen on/off
RETURN Leave entry mode
L Load rhythm
S Save rhythm
RUN/STOP Abort load/save

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