Polly Tracker

Aka Polly Tracker
Version 1.2
Year 2005
Copyright (c) 2005 Carillon Cyberion
Credits Aleksi Eeben [code]
Group Carillon Cyberiod
Type Other
Source Not available
binary modplayer.prg
Image(s) Polly Tracker - 1.2 (1) Polly Tracker - 1.2 (2)
Related to Polly Tracker 0.9b
Polly Tracker 1.0
Polly Tracker 1.1
Polly Tracker 1.2+
Keys <- Show help screen and module info
C=+O Open module
C=+S Save module
C=+Y Directory
C=+I Edit module info
C=+J Edit composer name
F1 Play module
Run Stop playing
Space Play block
<, > Move in block order list
+, – Select block / change block at current position
[, ] Select sample
@, * Adjust song tempo
C=+G Groove on
C=+H Groove off
C=+X Cut block
C=+C Copy block
C=+V Paste block
C=+T Paste track
C=+R Replicate block at cursor
C=+L Load sample (8-bit unsigned raw, C-2 = 8000 Hz)
C=+K Kill sample
C=+U Upsample
C=+B Boost sample level +25%
C=+D Damp sample level -25%
Crsr Move cursor
Home Go to top of track
Del Delete note
B Block break (only on channel 4)