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Chubrocker – v3.1-A



Aka Advanced Chubrocker Music System
Version v3.1-A
Year 199?
Copyright (c) 199?  László Benke Jr.
Credits László Benke Jr. (Dec) [code]
Group ?
Type Editor
Source Not available
binary C64 t64 image
Image(s) Chubrocker - v3.1-A (1)

Chubrocker - v3.1-A (2)
Related with Chubrocker v3.1c
Keys F1 Play the whole music
F2 Play the actual sector
F3 Key stops the tune
F5 Key continues music
F7 Key is for fast forward
LEFT ARROW Go to menu (enter/window/disk/option)
CURSOR DOWN (if in menu) move in the actual submenu
CURSOR UP (if in menu) move in the actual submenu
LEFT/RIGHT Move to enter/window/disk/option
CTRL+1 Enter the track editor press
CTRL+2 Go to sector editor
CTRL+3 Sound editor by pressing
CTRL+4,5,6 Or wave, filter or pulse
, Switch between the sectors
. Switch between the sectors
“T” Transpose track.
SHIFT+1,2,3 Switch ON/OFF tracks keys
POUND KEY Set starting position
+/- To switch between sounds
‘,’/’.’ To switch between notes
^ Gets a sound to the puffer
* Puts a sound to the actual sound from the puffer
SPACE To listen to actual sound
RUN-STOP Key changes characterset
COMMODORE Speeds up the system
CTRL+S Sets mark-start
CTRL+E Sets mark-end
CTRL+W Does actual window command

Sector commands
CTRL+G Jumps to the last placed mark
CTRL+M Marks a position
CTRL+1,3,4,5,6 Leave the sector editor
SHIFT+S SND.XX, 1f => xx => 00. xx is a sound number
SHIFT+D DUR.XX, 2f => xx => 00.xx is duration of sound
SHIFT+V VOL.XX, 0f => xx => 00. xx is a volume
SHIFT+F SW-FLT, switches on/off the filterfrq initalizing.
SHIFT+A SW-ALL, switches on/off all initalizing
SHIFT+’+’-HOLD-  it holds the note
SHIFT+’-‘—— it switchs off the gate bit. (no more holding)
SHIFT+R REL.XX 0f => xx => 00. xx is a release number “r”
SHIFT+= FINISH it is the end sign of the sector.
SHIFT+G GLD.XX type 1: 0f >= xx => 00
ASDFGHJKL Whole notes like c, d, e etc..
WETYUOP Semitones like c#, d# ,f#, etc..
12345678 Octaves. c-4, e-6, g#2, etc..
INS/DEL Insert and delete

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