64’er Music Editor

Aka 64’er Music Editor
Version v1.0
Year 1996
Copyright (c) 1996 Magna Media
Credits Matthias Hartung [code]
Group ?
Type Editor
binary 64er_Music_Editor.d64
Image(s) 64′er Music Editor – v1.0 (1)
Related with 64′er Music Editor – v0.8
64′er Music Editor – v0.9
Sync – v1.02-v1.14
Sync – v1.02-v1.14+
Keys General
F1/F2 Start music/stop music
F5 Continue music
RUN/STOP Fast forward
M Wave table
, Pulse table
. Filter table

SHIFT+RETURN Edit sector
+ Transpose up
Transpose down
SHIFT+(+) Fade in
SHIFT+(-) Fade out
SHIFT+E Set end
M Set volume
SHIFT+S Soundeditor
/ Edit Supertable
V Set Volume
SHIFT+A Delete all music data
SHIFT+F Delete track
SHIFT+ARROW UP Copy track at cursor postion to buffer
SHIFT+M Select music number
SHIFT+D Diskmenu

RETURN Leave soundeditor
+/- Select sound
SHIFT+ARROW UP Copy sound to buffer
SHIFT+RETURN Edit table on 22, 33, 44

SHIFT+ENTER Leave sectoreditor
SHIFT+P Activate ‘sup’ command
SHIFT+S Set ‘snd.xx’
SHIFT+D Set ‘dur.xx’
SHIFT+E Set ‘end’
SHIFT+X Set ‘swich’
SHIFT+C Set ‘cut’
£ Set ‘gate’
Set ‘-‘
<- On/off hardrestart of note

+/- Select Super-command