Ninjatracker – V2.03



Aka Ninja Tracker
Version V2.03
Year 2006
Copyright (C) 2006 CovertBitops
Credits Lasse Oorni (Cadaver) [code]
Group CovertBitops
Type Editor
binary ninjatr2.d64
Image(s) Ninjatracker – V2.03 (1)
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Keys Cursors Move around
INS/DEL Delete rows
SHIFT+INS Insert rows
0-9, A-F Edit hexadecimal data
SHIFT+M Mark copy start/end
SHIFT+X,C,V Cut/copy/paste
SHIFT+1,2,3 Enter tracks 1,2,3
SHIFT+4 Enter sector (pattern)
SHIFT+5,6,7 Enter wave/pulse/filttbl.
SHIFT+8 Switch to commands
RETURN Goto pattern/table/command
SHIFT+RETURN Point and goto next unused pattern/table/command
F1 Play from song beginning
F3 Stop playing
F5 Play from selected pos.
F7 Toggle fastforward mode
F8 Enter help screen
<- Enter disk menu
/ Silence test notes
<> Fast scroll up/down
[ ] , . Select octave

Track editor
;: Select song to work on
SPACE Mark playing position
RETURN Go to sector under cursor

Pattern editor
;: Select pattern
-+ Select command number
ZSXDCVGBH.. Enter lower octave notes
Q2W3ER5T6.. Enter upper octave notes
SPACE Enter keyoff/clear column
SHIFT+SPACE Enter keyon
SHIFT+Q Transpose halfstep down
SHIFT+A Transpose halfstep up
SHIFT+L Toggle command legato
SHIFT+O Optimize pattern
RETURN Fill with above note

Command editor
SPACE Keyoff test note
SHIFT+SPACE Test current command
SHIFT+S Smart paste

Disk Menu
C Change Device
D Directory
L Load Song
S Save Song
E Erase File
P Pack & Relocate
G Global setting
N Nuke Songdata
X Exit NinjaTracker

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