Power Music Editor – V1.0

Power Music Editor - V1.0 (1)


Power Music Editor

Aka Power Music
Version V1.0
Year 1989
Copyright (c) 1989 Michael Kukat
Credits Michael Kukat [code]
Group ?
Type Editor
Source Not Available
Binary power_music_max.prg
Image(s) Power Music Editor - V1.0 (1) Power Music Editor - V1.0 (2) Power Music Editor - V1.0 (3)
Related to Power Music Editor V1.6
Keys Main menu
1 Main editor
2 Save music datas
3 Load music datas
4 Squeeze and save musicpack
5 Directory
6 Disk command
7 Play a song
8 Quit editor

Main editor
Inst/Del Insert/delete commands
Home Cursor to $00
F1 Starts sound
F3 Stop sounds
SHIFT+S Sound editor
RETURN Block editor
<- Main menu
^ Help page
SHIFT+F Filtersequence editor
SHIFT+D Sound sequence editor
SHIFT+T Tune set/choose-window
P Play $xx
+ Trans +$xx
Trans -$xx
R Repeat $xx
S Sndtra $xx
E End track
N Newstart

Block editor
C/D/E/F/G/A/B Set note
0..7 Set octave
# transpose a half note
SHIFT+S Sound +$xx
SHIFT+D Duration $xx
SHIFT+E End block
. Continue
+/- Glide +/- $xx
RETURN back to track-editor


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