Audio Effect Editor – ?

Audio Effect Editor - ? (1)


Audio Effect Editor

Version ?
Year 1988
Copyright (c) 1988 Alexander Kirsch
Credits Alexander Kirsch [code]
Group ?
Type Editor
Source Not available
Image(s) Audio Effect Editor - ? (1) Audio Effect Editor - ? (2) Audio Effect Editor - ? (3)
Keys Mainpage
CTRL+S  Change start address
Start address of the track
INST/DEL Add/delete pointer
CTRL+E Mark end
CTRL+B Restart sound
SHIFT+R Repeat note sequence xx times
P Start single tracks  (Press Y for on/off channel)
CRSR LEFT/RIGHT Select track
Y Select
A Play/stop all tracks (press P before)
CTRL+F Initialize
SHIFT+T Display note sequence vic-time
CTRL+L Link & save
Q To exit the editor (go back to basic)
F5 Enter note-sequence editor
F1 Soundeditor

Disk menu
C= + *  Enter disk menu
C= + @ Load

Keyboard playing
K+1/2/3 Select voice
Shut off voice
S Select sound
O+1,2,3-7 Select octave
F7 Record/Stop recording

Note-sequence editor
S Set ‘sndxx’
0-7 Octave
-/+ Half notes
P Enter pause number
SHIFT+P Edit duration of pause
R Set ‘release’
K+1/2/3/4 Activate arpeggio
O Set arpeggio ‘off’ command
W+1,2,3 Set ‘wfv’ (wait-for-voice)
N Set ‘nop’ (no operation)
CTRL+K B Set block start
Set block end
CTRL+K C Copy marked block to cursor position
CTRL+K Y Delete contents of block
INST/DEL Insert/delete
CTRL+X Copy record buffer to actual cursor position
SHIFT+A On/off  ‘auto-cursor-right’
CTRL+J Jump to address
F3 Go back to mainpage
F1 Soundeditor

RETURN Validate
Select sound number (-/+)
W Edit wave
A Enter ‘adsr’ (on/off with INST/DEL)
F Enter ‘filter’ (on/off with INST/DEL)
P Enter ‘pulse’ (on/off with INST/DEL)
M Enter ‘modulation’ (on/off with INST/DEL) Press A,P,F
for freq, pulse, filter
V Vibrato (on/off with INST/DEL)
N Newstart (on/off with INST/DEL)
C Change (on/off with INST/DEL)


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