Tunesmith – B



Aka Tunesmith
Version B
Year 1998
Copyright (c) 1998 Steve Judd
Credits Steve Judd [code]
Group Steve Judd
Type Editor
binary loader
Image(s) Tunesmith - B (1) Tunesmith - B (2) Tunesmith - B (3) Tunesmith - B (4)
Related to Blahtune A
For Player A, C, C222, D
RETURN Insert line
C=-D Delete line
SHIFT-CLR Clear all text
R/S Exit SPED / abort command
C=-X Exit
F7 Disk menu (load/save individual macros)
C=-C Compile macro (to temporary buffer at $E000)

Instrument Editor
1,2,3 Select voice 1 2 or 3
A Move to Attack
F Move to Frequency
SHIFT-F Move to filter toggles
TSPN Toggle triangle/sawtooth/pulse/noise bits
GYRE Toggle gate/sync/ring/test bits
CRSR UP/DN Quite obvious I think
SPACE Toggle
+/- Inc/Dec value
SHIFT +/- Inc/Dec value by large amount
< > Mult/Div value by 2 (pulse width, frequency, and cutoff)
SHIFT-L Load instrument (from instrument table)
SHIFT-S Save instrument (to inst table)
F1 Music editor
F5 Macro manager

Macro Manager
CRSR UP/DN Delete all files on current drive and reset computer
CRSR RT Edit macro name
E or Return Edit macro
C Compile all macros
D Delete macro
SHIFT-CLR Reset (delete) all macros
CTRL-P Play song from beginning/Stop playing song
F1 Music editor
F3 Instrument editor
F7 Disk menu

Music Editor
CRSR UP/DN,L/R Navigate
RETURN Insert line and move cursor forward
SPACE Accept current value
INST Insert
DEL Delete
C=-X Set block/cut to clipboard
C=-C Set block/copy to clipboard
C=-P Paste from clipboard
C=-F Set fold block/end fold block
% Open/close fold toggle
C=-5 (C=-%) Dissolve fold
@ Goto line
[email protected] Goto marker
HOME Set home (bookmark)
C=-HOME Go home
< Page up
> Page down
C=-< Go to beginning of field
C=-> Go to end of field
.(Play note under cursor/Transpose note under cursor and advance cursor)
SHIFt-CLR Clear all data
SHIFT-^ (pi) Clear SID
* Toggle gate bit for current voice
A-W,Y Notes 0-24
A-L,A#-L# Notes 0-24, alternate form
X Hold note
0-7 Octave
0-9,A-N Duration
+/- Increment/decrement default octave
<-(backarrow) Back up one level in note-octave-dur sequence

CTRL-E Exit to BASIC (RS/RESTORE to re-enter editor)
CTRL-I Set interrupt
CTRL-D Edit duration table (Run/Stop or ‘e’ to exit)
CTRL-N Edit note table (Run/Stop or ‘e’ to exit)
CTRL-Z Display instrument table
CTRL-P Play song
SHIFT-CTRL-P Play song from current location
C=+, C=- Double/halve current play speed (temporary, playback only)
= Toggle border raster
CTRL-A Audible (play notes as they are entered)
CTRL-T Enable transpose
shift-CTRL-T Set transpose values (negative values allowed). Play note under cursor (if audible), transpose under cursor (if transpose active), and advance cursor
CTRL-S Single step – space, (s)kip, (c)hange skip value, return=exit
SHIFT-CTRL-S Single step from current location
F3 Instrument editor
F5 Macro manager
F7 Disk menu
F8 Load old version data disk menu

Player directives
SHIFT-W Set volume (The nuclear wessel displaces a large wolume)
SHIFT-L Activate local macro (0-23)
C=-L Deactivate local (0-23)
SHIFT-G Activate global macro (0-23)
C=-G Deactivate global (0-23)
SHIFT-V Load local variable with value (0-7, 0-255)
C=-V Load global variable (0-15, 0-255)
SHIFT-M Set marker (0-31)
C=-M Clear marker (0-31)
SHIFT-I Load instrument (0-13)
SHIFT-J Jump to marker
C=-J Jump to subroutine at marker
C=-S Return from Subroutine
SHIFT-R Repeat begin (0-255 repetitions)
C=-R End repeat
SHIFT-O Gate on
C=-O Gate off
SHIFT-S Stop voice
SHIFT-Z Restart player

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