Comptech – 2.1

Comptech - 2.1 (1)



Aka Comptech
Version 2.1
Year 1995
Copyright (c) 1995 X-Ample
Credits ? [code]
Group ?
Type Editor
Source Not available
binary Comptech_2.1.d64
Image(s) Comptech - 2.1 (1) Comptech - 2.1 (2) Comptech - 2.1 (3)
Related to X-Tracker V3.1
X-Tracker V4.00
X-Tracker V4.0x Beta
X-Tracker V4.13
X-Tracker V4x.13
Keys F1 Fast forward
F3 Start music
F5 Restart music (when stopped)
F7 Stop music

Track menu
C= Enter options menu (Set speed for all songs)
RETURN Edit current block
RUN/STOP Table menu (drums, arp, pulse, filter..)
CTRL Disk menu
<- Sound menu
SHIFT+ CLR/ HOME Delete tracksOptions menu
RETURN Back to track menu

Sound menu
<- Leave sound menu
+/- Select sound
: Copy to buffer
; Paste from buffer

Table menu
RUN/STOP Back to track menu
+/- Select table
</> Increase selection value

Block menu
RETURN Back to track editor
SHIFT+ CLR/ HOME Delete blocks
: Copy to buffer
; Paste from buffer


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