TPX – 1.0



Aka Torpex Editor
Version 1.0
Year 199?
Copyright (c) 199? Wildstyle
Credits Peter Eriksson (Torpex) [code]
Group Wildstyle
Type Tracker
Source Not Available
binary tpx_editor_v1.t64
Image(s) TPX - 1.0 (1) TPX - 1.0 (2)
Related with TPX 1.2
Keys Pattern & song edit
RUN/STOP Sound Edit display
^ Disk options
RETURN Toggle patedit/songedit
<-Patternplay start/stop
+/- Next/previous pattern
F1/F3 Octave inc/dev
F5/F7 Instrument inc/dec
F Filter on/off all channelsPattern edit
SHIFT 1-5 Positions
CTRL 1-2 Transpose up/down
SHIFT+Z Cut pattern to buffer
SHIFT+X Copy pattern to buffer
SHIFT+C Paste pattern from buffer
DEL Delete notes

Song edit
P Play from current measure
SHIFT+P Play from begginning
SHIFT 1/2/3 Voice 1/2/3 in/off
Q/A Masure inc/dec
W/S Voice 1 pattern inc/dev
E/D Voice 2 pattern inc/dec
R/F Voice 3 pattern inc/dec
T/G Length inc/dec (max 7F)
Y/H Repeat from inc/dec
, Clear song
. Clear ins.

Sound edit
F5/F7 Select instrument
F1/F3 Select octave
CTRL Arpeggio edit
<- Play your sound on the keyboard
RETURN Filter on/off
RUN/STOP Exit to patternedit
CLR Cursor home
SHIFT+CLR Clear sound
C=+CLR Put cursor on filter
P Play song on/off

1 Load song
2 Save song
3 Load sounds
4 Save sounds
5 Directory

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