Drum Studio – v2.80A

Drum Studio - v2.80A (1)


Drum Studio

Aka Drumstudio
Version v2.80A
Year 1990
Copyright (c) 1990 Mark Wilson
Credits Mark Wilson [code]
Gez [DigiBoost consultant]
Group ?
Type Other
Source Not available
binary Drum_studio.player.TSM+IKARI+TALENT.d64
Image(s) Drum Studio - v2.80A (1)
Keys F1 Stop sequence
F3 Change sequence
F5 Record sequence
F7 Play song
<- Disc operations
R/S Clear both voices
C= Clear only record voice
SPC Delete real time event
RETURN Output through: SID/SFX
+/- Tempo
, Copy into the copy buffer
. Copy out of the copy buffer


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