Sync – v1.02-v1.14++(9x)

Sync – v1.02-v1.14+(8x)



Aka Syndrom Music Composer
Version v1.02-v1.14++(9x)
Year 1999
Copyright (c) 1999 Onslaught
Credits Matthias Hartung (The Syndrom) [original code]
Dwayne James Bakewell (DJB) [improve]
Group Onslaught
Type Editor
Source Not Available
binary C64 disk image
Image(s) Sync - v1.02-v1.14++(9x)
Related with 64′er Music Editor – v0.8
64′er Music Editor – v0.9
64′er Music Editor – v1.0
Sync – v1.02-v1.14
Sync – v1.02-v1.14+
Sync – v1.02-v1.14+(8x)
Keys F1 Play a tune
F3 Stop playing a tune
F5 Continue playing a tune
CTRL+1 Switvh voice #1 on/off
CTRL+2 Switch voice #2 on/off
CTRL+3 Switch voice #3 on/off
RUN-STOP Fast forward
SHIFT+M Select tune number
SHIFT+C Change color
SHIFT+D Enter Disk Menu
SHIFT+A Clear all
SHIFT+F Clear track
SHIFT + + Fade in
SHIFT + – Fade out
HOME Go at top of screen
CLR Go end of screen
UP Copy track into buffer
SHIFT+@ Paste buffer into track
SHIFT+S Enter sound edit
SHIFT+RETURN Enter sector edit
V Insert volume
+ Transpose up
Transpose down
M Enter Wave editor
SHIFT+T Edit tune setting (speed1, speed2, frames, init-volume)
SHIFT+E Set end-mark
C=+E set stop-mark
. Enter filter table
, Enter pulse table
/ Enter super-command tableSector editor
SHIFT+S Select instrument
SHIFT+D Note duration
SHIFT+E End mark
SHIFT+F Clear sector
SHIFT+P Super-command
< Transpose up
> Transpose down
SHIFT + +/- Switch between sectors
£ Gate


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