The Music Maker

Aka Audial Revolution Editor
Version ?
Year 1989
Copyright (c) 1989 Audial Revolution
Credits Maikel van der Lisdonk (Yog) [code]
R.vd.Laar [help]
Group Audial Revolution
Type Editor
Source Not available
Image(s) The Music Maker - ? (1) The Music Maker - ? (2) The Music Maker - ? (3)
Keys F1 Play tune
F3 Stop tune
F7 Voice editor
F8 Drum sound editor
RETURN Sequences
SHIFT+RETURN Return to track edit

Track edit
F2 Demo tune
I Initize
F6 Fast play
<- Go to number in the right screen
+/- Change number in the to right screen
CLR Goto start of track
INS Insert step
DEL Delete step