Aka Voicetracker
Version V1
Year 1990
Copyright (c) 1990 Science 451
Credits Pawel Soltysinski (Polonus) [code]
Group Science 451
Type Editor
Source Not available
binary note
Image(s) Voicetracker - V1 (1) Voicetracker - V1 (2)
Related with Doubletracker 2.21
Music Mixer 6
Ten tracker 4
Voicetracker 2.0+
Voicetracker v3
Voicetracker V4.0
Voicetracker V4.2
Voicetracker V5.0
Voicetracker v5
Keys Main menu
E Get the editor
D Get a disk menu
M For more function
RUN-STOP Goes here

Disk menu
C Disk command
$ Disk directory
S Save complete song
L Load complete song
R Relocate and save

Special function
1 Kill track 1
2 Kill track 2
3 Kill track 3
4 Kill song

CTRL+1 Get track edit
CTRL+2 Get instrument edit
CTRL+3 Get macrosound edit
SHIFT+RETURN Go/leave into edition
F1 Restart tune
F3 Stop playing
F5 Continue playing
F7 Fast speed (F5 restore normal speed)
SHIFT+A..I Change speed from 1 to 9

Track edit
INS Insert ff-ff incursor position
DEL Delete data under cursor position
HOME To home

Pattern edit
DEL Delete cursor-line
INS Insert and put spaces “home” for home
HOME To home
Kill ($ff-fill) pattern
( Get data from pattern
) Put data from pattern