Sound Tracker ’64

Aka Sound Tracker
Version v2.1
Year 1990
Copyright (c) 1990 Light
Credits Groo [code]
Icecube [improve]
Group Light
Type Tracker
Source Not available
binary Soundtracker_64_v2.1.d64
Image(s) Sound Tracker '64 - v2.1 (1) Sound Tracker '64 - v2.1 (2)
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Keys Main menu
X Hear the tune
L Disk Option
Z Edit sound types
^ Increase position now
= Decrease position now
> Increase position
< Decrease position
[ Increase pattern for current pos.
] Decrease pattern for current pos.
F5 Increase lenght
F7 Decrease length
SHIFT+I Initialize tracker: clearThe equalizer
F1 Increases pattern you can change
F3 Decreases pattern you can change

Hear menu
F1 Increase music speed
F3 Decrease music speed

Soud type menu
F1 Increase sound number
F3 Decrease sound number

Disk menu
L Load tune
S Save tune
$ Directory
D Load music data
M Save music data
P Load pattern
A Save pattern

Kill menu
RESTORE Enter kill menu
P Pattern kill
S Song kill