JCH Music Editor – v3.07


JCH Music Editor

Aka Jens-Christian Huus’s Music Editor
Version v3.07
Year 2000
Copyright (c) 2000 Samar
Credits Jens-Christian Huus [origianl code]
Glover [improve]
Group Samar
Type Tracker
Source Not Available
binary 2sid_tools.d64
Image(s) JCH Music Editor - v3.07 (1) JCH Music Editor - v3.07 (2)
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For Player Newplayer 21.G6
Keys F1 Play music from start-point (SP), defined with the “+”-key
F3 Play from the absolute beginning
F5 Toggle between track or sequence mode
F7/F8 Octave up/down
F2 Turn SFX keyboard mode on
F4 Turn off ALL interrupt play
F6 DELETE in tracks, sequences or arpeggio-table
CTRL+1-3 Turn voices on/off
<- Fast forward in play-mode
SHIFT+B Follow-play (Break with the runstop key). Uses start-point!
SHIFT+Q Play music in voice 2 and 3 while using voice 1 in SFX mode
SHIFT+W Play music in voice 1 and 3 while using voice 2 in SFX mode
SHIFT+E Play music in voice 1 and 2 while using voice 3 in SFX mode
SHIFT+@/* Overall volumen up/down
INST Insert in tracks, sequences or arpeggio-table
SHIFT+RETURN Insert as many spaces in a sequence as defined with SHIFT R
SHIFT+R Define number of inserts made with SHIFT RETURN
SHIFT+S/D Music speed up/down
SHIFT+C Clear composition only. Tables are untouched
SHIFT+M Clear tables only. Composition remains untouched
= Home in current mode and voice
SHIFT+HOME Home in voice 1’s sequence-mode
SHIFT+. Copy FROM sequence – TO sequence
SHIFT+/ Copy FROM sequence – TO the sequence beneath the cursor
/ Open/close the extra table window
Z Toggle in/out of 8-byte instrument-table
X Toggle in/out of slide/super-table
L Toggle in/out of arpeggio-table
: Toggle in/out of pulsate-table
; Toggle in/out of filtersweep-table
G Enter start of current arpeggio (arpeggio-table only)
H Same as “G” but for use in players like version 15
J Go to the last position in the arpeggio-table
C= Toggle lock of keyboard for SFX keyboard (“F2”)
+ Define start-point for “F1” playing (SP)
SHIFT+G Go to start-point (defined with the “+” key)
SHIFT+F Finetune all three voices
RETURN Use as normal
CRSR-keys Use as normal
SPACE REST (“—“) in sequence-mode
SHIFT+SPACE CONT (“+++”) in sequence-mode
SHIFT-“” Fill with “+++” from cursor-pos down to the next note
CTRL-“” Fill with “—” from cursor-pos down to the next note
SHIFT+X Enter diskette menu
SHIFT+V Cursor right/Cursor stay (x+/x0) on hexadecimal numbers
SHIFT+N Cursor down/Cursor stay (+x/0x) when typing notes
SHIFT+Z Define number of track-numbers to be copied into a buffer
SHIFT+A Paste the buffer into the track beneath the cursor
SHIFT+I Information about editor version
SHIFT+P Poly-play (multi keyboard check!). When entering this mode you can only use F7/F8 (octave up/down) besides the CRSR up and down IF you are in one of the tables. Exit this function with either runstop or F4Disk Menu
1 First Sid
2 Second Sid
F1 Read new dir
F3 Save music
F5 Disk command
F7 Directory
F8 Enter editor

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