John Player – 2.0 beta


John Player

Aka John Player Editor
Version 2.0 beta
Year 2002
Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Aleksi Eeben
Credits Aleksi Eeben [code]
Group Aleksi Eeben
Type Tracker
Source not available
binary john20beta.d64
Image(s) John Player - 2.0 beta (1) John Player - 2.0 beta (2) John Player - 2.0 beta (3)
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John Player 1.4
John Player 1.5
John Player 1.6
Keys Space Play
Run/Stop Silence
+ and – Block select
[ and ] Sound select
< and > Keyboard octave
C=+C Copy
C=+V Paste
F1 Block Edit Screen
F3 Sound Edit Screen
F5 Sequencer/Info
F7 Disk/Options Menu

block edit screen
Del Delete step
Enter ‘Off’ (gate bit off)
Home Go to top left corner
SHIFT+letterEnter command in cmd column
SHIFT+HOME Cut block
C=+C Copy block
C=+V Paste block
C=+R Replicate block at cursor
C=+T Copy track
C=+P Paste track
C=+S Swap track with buffer

Sound Edit Sreen
SHIFT+Keyboard Play sound (on channel 1)
C=+C Copy sound
C=+V Paste sound
Key up (same as ‘Off’)
SHIFT+SPACE Play entire song instead of repeating current block only

Return Insert current block at cursor
Del Delete block under cursor
SHIFt+SPACE Play starting from cursor
T Edit tag
I Edit info (6 lines)

Drive options
L Load music data
S Save music data
P Save packed (final)
X Save executable
$ Directory
@ Disk Status
V Drive to use
H Help

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