Odin Tracker – 1.11


Odin Tracker

Aka Odin Tracker
Version 1.11
Year 2000
Copyright (c) 2000 ZED
Credits ZED [code]
Group ZED
Type Tracker
Source OdinTracker111src.zip
binary README
Image(s) Odin Tracker - 1.11 (1) Odin Tracker - 1.11 (2) Odin Tracker - 1.11 (3)
Relelated to Odin Tracker 1.00
Odin Tracker 1.01
Odin Tracker 1.02
Odin Tracker 1.03
Odin Tracker 1.10
Odin Tracker 1.12
Odin Tracker 1.13
Keys SPACE play song/stop playing
SHIFT+SPACE play pattern
F1 show this help
F2 context help (well, sort of)
F3 orderlist editor
F5 pattern editor
F7 instrument editor
F4 config menu
F6 specials menu
F8 disk menu
./, select instrument
-/+ inc/dec order position
RUNSTOP and SHIFT+RUNSTOP work like tab key
C=+1..3 mute/unmute voice 1,2,3
C=+4 mute/unmute all voice

Instrument editor
RUNSTOP next field
SHIFT+RS previous field
=/SHIFT+= page up/down in tables
RETURN go to wave/arp/filter table (and back)
C=+N edit instrument name
./, select instrument
INST/DEL in tables only
C=+X cut instrument
C=+C copy instrument
C=+V paste instrument
CTRL+1..7 select octave
SHIFT+Z..M,Q..P test instrument
C=+B/C=+E mark block begin/end
C=+R unselect block
C=+Q/C=+A increment/decrement data in block
C=+F fill block with data linearly interpolated between block begin/end

Pattern Editor
RUNSTOP next voice
SHIFT+RUNSTOP previous voice
=/SHIFT+= page down/up
INST/DEL as expected
\/SHIFT+\ del/ins in all tracks
RETURN play from current row
CTRL+1..7 select octave
Z..M,Q..P enter notes
SHIFT+Z..M,Q..P keyjazz
/ enter note off
^ delete note/effect
./, select instrument
_/SHIFT+_ inc/dec cursor step
*/@ inc/dec pattern for curr order
;/: inc/dec track for curr voice
C=+Y enter track number for voice
C=+W/C=+S inc/dec track transpose
C=+D enter track transpose
C=+G/C=+F grab/drop effect
C=+B/C=+E mark block begin/end
C=+T select whole track
C=+R unselect block
C=+X cut block
C=+C copy block
C=+V paste block (overwrite)
C=+M paste block (mix)
C=+Q/C=+A transpose block up/down (all instruments)
C=+P/C=+L transpose block up/down (current instrument only)
C=+Z undo last block operation

Orderlist Editor
CURSORS,HOME as expected
INST,DEL as expected
SHIFT+A,Z page up/down
=/SHIFT+= page up/down, too
SHIFT+Q,W,E,R go to position $00,$40,$80,$C0

Disk options $ Directory (SHIFT=pause)
D Change device
L Load song
S Save song
I Import 1.0x song
R read tracks
W Write tracks
P pack and Save

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