Rockmonitor III

Aka Rockmonitor III
Version 3
Year 1987
Copyright (C)1987 Dutch Usa-Team
Credits Oscar Giesen (OPM) [code]
Group Dutch Usa-Team
Type Tracker
Source not available
binary rockmonitor-3.prg
Image(s) Rockmonitor III - 3 (1) Rockmonitor III - 3 (2) Rockmonitor III - 3 (4) Rockmonitor III - 3 (3)
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Keys ENTER entry/exit notes definitions
Q up quantize
SHIFt+Q down quantize
O up octave
SFIFT+O down octave
R increase record track number
SHIFT+R decrease record track number
SHIFT+L load song
SHIFT+S save song
@ delete note
Z enter instrument definition
INS insert step
DEL delete step
F1 current step
F3 first step
F5 last step
F7 play/stop sound
T select type of file
K up transpose
SHIFT+K down transpose
SHIFT+= copy block
X give instructions

instrument definiton
F1 next instrument
F3 previous instrument
ENTER return to main menu